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Working Remotely: A Challenge for Printers to Rethink Work
As we all strive to adjust to the changing dynamics of work during a global pandemic, most of us have found ourselves in need of figuring out how to effectively work with newly distributed teams.

Join us as Joseph Cotrupe, Business Development Director GC/IP and Erik Holdo, VP Graphic Communications host a two part webinar reviewing strategies and tactics for remote working in the Print Industry.

Part 1 will review tips for keeping the salesforce active and selling print, illustrating how to prospect without face-to-face meetings and best practices for working remotely.

Part 2 focuses on helping print shop owners understand how to effectively monitor plant activity and operations remotely, using real-time dashboards of workflows, visualizations for color consistency and monitoring when there are excessive touchpoints in the workflow. We'll help you uncover the right solution for your business needs.


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